Presents the system info and status by charts on your phone

DaRemote queries system information and running status through ssh tunnels using the tools coming with the OS.

Support systems
• Linux
• FreeBSD
• macOS
• Docker
Support languages
• English
• Simplified Chinese
Support themes
• Dark
• Light
• Material You

Feature Highlights

✔Monitoring CPU

Show the current load of each core, etc.

✔Monitoring Memory

Show total amount of memory and usage.

✔Monitoring Disk

Show the corresponding mount point for each partition, as well as the capacity and current read/write speed, etc.

✔Monitoring Network

Show inbound and outbound speeds per network interface, total amount of data, etc.

✔Monitoring Docker Container

Show and manage containers, including start, restart, pause/unpause, stop.

✔Script features

Script editing, running, result display, etc.

✔SSH client

xterm-256 color compatible emulation terminal

✔SFTP supported

Upload, download, rename, remove, etc.